About Me

22 Sep


A very big welcome to my personal blog.

This blog will relate things and events based on my encounters in life.

Perhaps, some background information about me…  My name is Sierra. I am married. My hubby is often a thinker. In most situations, he does not allow himself to make a decision on impulse. As for me, I am his total opposite! Hahah, I guess this is what they call “opposites attract”!  =p

Well, why the sudden decision of setting up this blog? Hmmmm… One of the reasons is to allow me to brush up my writing skills for English language. I am seriously very lacking in this area. ~_~”’

Another pull factor is that I could record some of the details of the interesting events that we have encountered in our life. Perhaps, some accounts on difficulties / problems faced,recipes as well.

Since we are currently awaiting excitedly for the renovation of our new flat to commence, I guess I will start this blog with an account on sourcing of suitable renovation contractors / IDs. =)



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