Introduction – Unexplainable Encounters

29 Sep

Hi there,

Since this blog is about life experiences, I guess there is no harm adding this ‘unexplainable encounters’ catergory to this blog.

This catergory will  be touching on my personal experiences with the supernatural encounters. Since young, I am quite sensitive towards this area. Why? I am not sure also. I recall having all sorts of weird dreams when I was young.

I was often chased after by the demons or spirits in my dreams. I often see myself running frantically from THEM in these dreams. Their agenda was always the same. They want my life! Sometimes, I would wake up screaming away, breaking into cold sweat…

It was until much later in life that I have learnt how to protect myself against these dreams. I am not sure how I have done it… I have actually gotten sick of running away from them. In 1 of the last few dreams, I have actually confronted them and challenged them defiantly right to their face that if they are really that capable, then come and get me! Well, I guess I am getting really irritated of these dreams and THEY are really trying my patience! After that, I have actually told myself calmly that it is time to wake up!

Similar reactions in last few dreams. Whenever the ‘me’ in the dreams started to feel the presence of them, the ‘me’ in my dreams will call out to my brain, telling me that this is a dream and I should wake up.

Not all my dreams are about horrifying demons and spirits. I do at times dreamt of gods and deities. However, most of these dreams are quite vaque and I would not be able to recall much once I have woken up.

I have also dreamt of the people around me once in a blue moon. This is a very worrying trait. Most often than not, these dreams are not good dreams. The theme of these dreams will always portray my friend is in trouble. The scary part is that this theme will always come true!!

Luckily, I seldom dream now, ever since I have worked in my current company. Its about, say, 10 years already that i seldom or even rarely dream. It is as if I have outgrown from the dreaming stage.

However, it is not so simple.. Some how, to me, although the dreamlike terror reign has been over, another type of terror era has begun.

Its as if the demons and spirits from my dreams have escaped and decided to barge into my life in reality. I have endless of encounters ever since. Sometimes, words that come out from my mouth, words that are spoken out without thinking, have come true as well!

Whenever I relate my encounters, some of my friends do not believe in it. They felt that I am being paranoid. I will be posting most of my encounters in this blog soon and you will be the judge. ;p

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