Pre-Renovation Process – Preparation for the new house [Part 2]

29 Sep

After we have confirmed our ID from Absolook, our ID has requested us to include his senior in the watsapp group. Both my hubby and I are feeling very puzzled. We wonder why another ID will be participating in our renovation process? Our imagination runs wild and we assume the worst scenario… We have thought that our ID will be leaving the company soon! We are so horrified by this thought!

I have quickly watsapp our ID for clarification. the main reason why we have signed up with him is because we feel comfortable with him. He is definitely not the pushy, impatient and arrogant type. We can really “click” with him, joking and making fun at one another as if we are all friends.

Luckily, this is just a false alarm. He is still the main ID for our house renovation project. Absolook “practices” pair work. Hence, his senior has been added to the picture. Hmmm, sounds as if we are in school doing project, right?  Hopefully, we will not clash with his senior… Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed…

We will be meeting our ID again on the coming Tuesday. We will commence on the serious brain storming of design and selection of the materials soon. Will update this blog again. ;p

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