Sourcing for a suitable renovation contractor / ID – Preparation for the new house [Part 1]

29 Sep

Both my hubby and I have just collected our new BTO keys on 11th September 2014. We are both quite excited and worried at the same time.

Finally, we going to have a place that belong to both of us to call home! The sense of belonging, a place that we will think of going back to when we feel tired after a day of hard work.

However, this sense of belonging is often accompanied with the sense of expectation. Since this is a place we call our very own home, naturally, we do have high expectations for it and want the best for our new home.

This is how the floorplan for our new house will look like:


20th September 2014 (Saturday)

Sourcing for renovation contractors or IDs is a very big headache. So far, we have met up with and talked to some of them:

1. Absolook – met up with this ID at my new flat.

2. Inspire – met up with this ID outside

3.  sorry, i can’t remember which company we have approached at expo… – Modern Home 2014

We have met up with the IDs from both Absolook and inspire on Saturday since we have been keeping in contact with them prior before keys collection. Both of them are quite friendly and approachable. ID from Absolook even comes prepared with a rough mapping of furniture on the floor plan and an electrical mapping. He really impressed us. However, the total amount of the renovation cost has exceeded our budget by at least 10k. We are currently waiting for the both the IDs to re-draft and re-quote us.

After these meetings, both my hubby and I have gone to the Home exhibition at Expo Hall 7 to gather information on house renovation. We have managed to talk to 1 ID from a participating company (sorry, I can’t remember the name of the company). This ID has given us the direct impression that he is inexperience and too eager to want to close the deal. This company is a BIG NO NO to us.

21st September 2014 (Sunday)

The next day, we have gone to IMM in hope of gathering more information. As we all know, IMM is a place where most of the renovation companies and furniture stores are. We have shortlisted both Inner View and G’Plan.

The ID from Inner View is quite friendly. She does have knowledge in this field. She knows the exact measurements of furniture and how to utilize the space by looking at our floor plan. After telling her what we want for our new flat,  she is able to do a rough estimate for us. What we are unable to believe is that her estimated quotation mounts up to a total of around 30K, considering the huge amount of renovations we are considering to do. Now, we are waiting for her to come out with a detailed quotation and if the total estimated renovation amount is really around 30K, without any hidden cost.

I do not have much liking for the ID from G’Plan though my hubby likes him a lot. Yes, he is very experienced and knowledgeable. However, I do not have much liking for him. From the start of our discussion, he has given me the impression that he knows the best and we should follow his ideas.he does not really gives us the chance to inform him what we would want. He has been stressing throughout that he would help us plan for the necessary renovation, help us save our money and he will do the planning for us. Since my hubby likes him so much, we have agreed to arrange for another meetup with him to view the final quotation and planning that he has done for us.

We have also went to Mr Decor to look see look see. in the end, we found ourselves placing a deposit for our dinning table and sofa. Yes, we have not decided on the ID yet and yet, we have gone ahead to buy some of the furniture. =P This is partly because they are having a sale and it is really a big bargain. in addition, the fabric, size and design of the sofa are the type that my hubby prefers and has been eyeing on for quite some time. I love the dinning table as this table is just nice for our BTO 4 room flat. it is also made of black marble top that gives an elegant look. (Update: We will be cancelling our dinning table with Mr Decor and replace other things for the amount paid for this dinning table.)

After this excitement, we went back home. this has concluded our Sunday.

Now, we are waiting for the various quotations and re-quotations to come in. Hopefully, we will be able to sign up with one of these companies to start on the renovation works for our home. Of cos, my personal preference will be either Abslook or Inspire. Hehe =P

23rd September 2014

Both my hubby and I are anticipating to receive news from the Absolook, Inspire, Inner View and G’Plan. The ID from Absolook is really prompt in his replies. He has gotten in touch with us on Monday, 22nd September 2014, with the final estimated total amount of the quotation.  So far, he is the only one who really delivers what he has promised. As both my hubby and I would like to see the materials that Absolook is using for the carpentry works and the flooring materials, we suggested to our ID that we would like to meet him in his company.

He is working at the branch office located in Yishun. We have discussed with him our slightly altered renovation plans. Both my hubby and me have been changing our renovation plans constantly since Day 1. Surprisingly, this ID from Absolook is really very patient with us and is able to provide us with some constructive feedbacks on the pros and cons of the changes. He has even done up 2 sets of quotations for us to bring home and think over it. Yes, both my hubby and I could not decide if we should hack off the kitchen’s wall panel… hahah

We will be meeting our ID again on this coming Sunday during the Absolook’s open house event at Fernvale. If everything goes smoothly and well, we might sign up with him on the spot.

25th September 2014

I have just received a sms from the ID from G’Plan. He mentions that he has helped to draft out the renovation proposal for us. My hubby and I have agreed to meet him on this coming Saturday at 2pm at IMM to view his proposal.

Up to this date, we have not heard a single thing from both the IDs from Inspire and Inner View. Hence, my hubby’s impression towards them has been deteriorating. Well, I guess even if both of them are able to provide a cheaper quotation rate in the end, I do no think that my hubby will still trust them and sign up with them. In this way, both of the IDs are as good as being striking out from the preferred list.

26th September 2014

We have finally received the quotation from Inner View. At once glance, the quotation seems to include all the things we have requested for. However, the total is not 30K as mentioned. It is more than 40K. I remembered very clearly that I have given the ID a dubious look when she mentioned and reassured us that our requirements could be done in 30K. In the end, my gut feeling is correct!

27th September 2014

We have meet up with the ID from G’Plan. Frankly speaking, this ID has very good ideas in planning and design. However, both my hubby and I do not feel the “click” with him… Once again, he discards most of our ideas away, promoting his planning and ideas only…

28th September 2014

We have gone to the open house show flat as planned and met up with our ID from Absolook.

Wow, the interior design of the show flat really impress me! Of course, this will also mean more money spent! -_-“‘ Too bad photography is not allowed… or else I could upload the pictures to this blog.

After consulting with the Id from Absolook, we finally signed up with him! Yes, finally! Finally, we have found a suitable ID who is responsive to us and is patient with us! No more sourcing around for any other IDs! This is a very tiring process and we are so glad that we are able to end this “hunting for IDs” process within the time frame of 2 weekends!

Thank God for it! =)

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