1st real life paranormal encounter

13 Oct

As mentioned in my introduction, I always have weird, unexplainable dreams. Most often than not, the main theme of my dreams do come true! 😰

My first encounter of paranormal activity occurred on a Sunday. I remember clearly that I was scheduled to work and was chatting happily away with my colleagues at, well, let’s call it Centre “C”. I am actually stationed at another centre, let’s call it “P”.

On every Sunday, all staff from Centre “P” scheduled for work, will be stationed at Centre “C” and they will need to ensure all rooms and lights at Centre “P” to be properly locked and off respectively. Both Centre “P” and Centre “C” are just situated next to one another.

It was my turn to work on Sunday. I was required to go back to Centre “P” later in the day to ensure all rooms are properly locked and all lights were off. I remember that when I was about to go over to Centre “P”, there was a thunderstorm brewing furiously. I recall vividly that I do not have a good feeling. As I was a ‘greenhorn’ then, I did not pay attention to such tell-tale details.

I went up to Centre “P” alone. As I was checking the rooms along the corridor, a creepy sensation caught me unaware out of sudden! This creepy sensation was getting stronger and stronger! It was as if I was not alone in the corridor and that my movements were being watched! My imagination ran amok. Was there a stalker or pervert hiding in a corner watching me, I wondered. I told myself to hurry up and go back to Centre “C”.

Just as I was waiting in the lift lobby to go back to Centre “C”, what greeted me out of sudden caught me unaware!

A spectrum of whitish, errie light greeted me. For a moment, I have foolishly thought that my eyesight had deteroriated again! I was foolishly looking blankly at the specturm of light and then at the dim light nearby. I even wondered insanely that how come my eyes could see white light whereas the light should be yellowish-orange in color! 😓😓😓

I blinked and closed my eyes for a while. The specturm of white light is still there (now to think about it, it does look like the shape of an upper body of a human). This time round, thank god that my wits are back, I just feel that something was not right somewhere. I purposely tilted my body to face another angle in the lift lobby. To my dismay, the specturm of light followed my movement and reappeared within my sight again!

This time round, this spectrum of light became enlarged, almost taking the shape of a human body but with no feet!!! OMG!!! 😱😱😱

At that particular moment, I did not scream or shout. However, this did not mean that I was brave! I was too paralyzed with fear to think properly! I kept telling myself that this spectrum of light was not ‘those things’ and tilted my body to another angle, nearer to the lift button.

This spectrum of light once again followed my movement and was quick to be in my sight again! This time round, it took in the form of a human head! At this stage, my brain seemed to crease functioning and my body took over the control. My mind was totally blank, facing the spectrum of light. However, my left finger was furiously pressing the lift button automatically. It was as if my body could no longer withstand the stupidity of my brain at such a crucial stage! 😄

The moment the sweet sound ‘ding’ was heard, my legs ran into the open lift and my fingers seemed to coordinate perfectly by pressing ‘level 1’ button and ‘closing door’ button. It was when the movement of the lift was felt, my whole body leaned against the wall of the lift for support.

Once the lift reached level 1 and opened the door, I dashed out from the lift, all the way to Centre “C”. I knew I was behaving like a crazy woman but this was my least concern. The aim was to get to safety and safety then, was Centre “C” with my colleagues.

Now that I think about this incident, I am very sure that my facial expression and body movements, when I was at the lift lobby, must be priceless and comical. Hahah 😅

I rarely react in such a brainless and ignorant manner. Perhaps I have accidentally provoked or upset ‘them’ on that day. Now to recall back, I guess ‘they’ do not mean any  harm. Mischievous maybe.. but not evil. Should ‘they’ had any malicious intention towards me, I don’t think I was able to last so long alone with ‘them’ at the lift lobby. Neither will I be able to make it back safely to Centre “C”.

After this incident, I have not encountered any such encounters until the end of my 2nd relationship. Then, these other encounters come in full blast…

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