Pre-renovation process preparation for the new house – Part 3 Shopping!!!

13 Oct

Hi there,

It has been about more than a week since my last update on the renovation.

Well, nothing much to update currently. As we will be choosing the high end resilient floor board, we will need to wait for HDB to send their contractor to help us do the cement screeding! 😭😭😭

My god! This takes ages to complete! My hubby and I have purposely applied half day leave and gone to the Pasir Ris HDB branch for the application for cement screeding (if done by HDB contractor, this will be free… If we ask our contractor to do this, there will be an additional fee of S$1-2K incurred!) on 2nd Oct. Till now, our floor has not been done yet!

Our ID, BHΒ from Abslook, has also helped to call up HDB to enquire on the status. HDB called me the following Monday and gave me their contractor’s contact number. I have passed this number over to BH, for him to give the details of leaving how many millimeters of gap for the floor.

To both our surprises, the HDB contractor has actually confirmed that he has not received our application yet!!! This HDB contractor has also feed backed that he will only receive our application around one week later as per the usual routine! In other words, we will delay our renovation! 😑😑😑

In the meanwhile, BH has tried to maximize the ‘free time’ by bringing us to choose the designs and materials for our flooring and the carpentry works. In addition, he has also brought us to ‘Lucky Khoon’ and ‘Azora’ (on two separate occasions) to shop for our toilet accessories,kitchen sink and all sort of lightings. Both of these shops are located at Tradehub 21.

Well, blame it on my picky nature. 😁 Hehe, I really thank God that we choose BH as our ID! As a guy, he is really very patient with both my hubby and I! 😜 we have been quite indecisive. 😝

When BH brought us to shop at Lucky Khoon, I don’t have that type of ‘wow’ feeling when stepped into the shop. Everything looks normal and well… normal… There is no chemistry or love for the items in the shop. πŸ˜›

The sales personnel (2 of them – 1 for lightnings and 1 for kitchen and toilet accessories), who follow us about in the shop, give me the impression that they are slightly too eager for sales. I was quite unimpressed of their service and we have not done any purchase there.

The time interval between our trip to Lucky Khoon and Azora is about a week’s time. I have also done a research on the reviews on Lucky Khoon on impulse. There are quite a number of negative reviews on their outlet. I have watsapp BH of my concerns and he has decided to bring us to Azora. (I was later informed by BH that he has feedbacked my concerns to Lucky Khoon. They have done the research online and that they have confirmed that the negative reviews are not directed to the branch at Tradehub. Well, to me, although it is good that the negative reviews are not about them, I still do not feel the chemistry…) πŸ˜›

The moment we stepped in to Azora last Saturday, I have totally fall in love with the decorations! 😍😍😍 The decorations really spice up the whole shop! There are obviously more choices as well! There are also seats catered to customers! As I was coughing quite badly, the sales personnel from Azora, Violet, has actually taken the initiative to offer all of us (me, my hubby and my parents in law) water! She is also quite patient with my parents in laws and try her best to answer all their queries. She has also listened to our requirements before introducing the items for us to choose from.

Hehe, she has actually won us over with her service! Thumbs up, Violet! πŸ‘ πŸ˜„

We made our purchases with her on the spot. In addition, she has also thrown in a free bulb for our storeroom and a wireless doorbell device. These freebies do not add up to something significant but it’s all the simple, little gestures that make us impossible not to make our purchases from her though Lucky Khoon will be slightly cheaper. 😁😁😁

Next, we go to a nearby custom made furniture shop, with the shop name ‘Sincere’. Joe, the personnel who attended to us, is quite helpful and friendly. I am a lover of stones… especially marble and granite… Hence, when I have seen a marble table, marble chairs and a marble coffe table in this shop, you know how I behave… I really go bananas! 😍😍😍 Hahah πŸ˜„

Joe has also taught us how to differentiate real marble against ‘cultured’ marble. We have learnt a lot from him. In the end, we purchase our dinning table, chairs and coffee table from him. He promised that he will also allow us (as in my hubby, me and Beng Hui) to go to the factory and choose the marble top that we like best. This is because every piece of marble top will be looking differently. In addition, he will also help us do our bedding platform and board. Can’t wait to see the end products!

After weeks of shopping and choosing and confirming of materials, we are once again back to the main headache… 😀 cement screeding!!! Sighz… when will this be done and completed?

I guess the only option left currently is to pray hard πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ to gods for this to be done and completed quickly… πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

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