开工大吉! Start of Renovation – 23 Oct 2014

24 Oct


We have actually received a bad news from our ID on 22 October 2014.

The cement screeding for our flat will not be carried out on 23rd. Reason given by the HDB contractor is that that he has actually FORGOTTEN the appointment and thus, not free on 23rd!!! =((

My god! Is he really so forgetful or is he just being irresponsible?! FORGOTTEN whereas there are a few followups with sms and calls???  What an excuse!!!

This is the 3rd week since we have submitted the application form to HDB! I am really amazed that my hubby could take it in his stride and shrug it off. My ID has again confirmed with him that he will carry out the cement screeding by this coming Monday.

I am really very irritated with the HDB contractor. I have also let both my hubby and ID know that should this HDB contractor not carried out the cement screeding job on this coming Monday, I will go ahead and lodge a complaint to HDB!!! Enough is enough!!! No more tolerance!!!

Back to the update of the renovation works…

As per scheduled and planned, we have started our renovation works yesterday. It is just some minor masonry work in the Kitchen since the cement screeding has not been done yet…  -_-

Our ID has obtained our spare key from the Building Services Center (BSC) in the morning at around 9:30am. This spare key has been left with BSC for them to arrange the workers to rectify the defects.

We are actually quite surprised that BSC could release our spare key without calling either my hubby or me for confirmation. Hmmmm, where’s the security regulations and policies, we wonder?

Anyway, my ID has obtained the key and go ahead to our house to do some preparation. this is one of the example that he has done.

Abslook sign

Both my hubby and I are quite amused by the sight of these posters when we reached our flat. Amused as we are the only flat (in the wing) that has publicly “declared” which company we have engaged for the renovation.

We do deeply appreciate that he has put up the “Non-smoking cum no eating and drinking” sign as well. In this way, the workers have been warned and they should not smoke, eat and drink in our flat. If they have been caught doing so, we will not hesitate to point out these regulations to them. We do not want to invite cockroaches and ants to our new flat! =X

By the time we have reached our flat, it is around 1:15pm. The tiler boss and his worker are already in our flat, waiting for us to carry out the ritual (the ritual of using the hammer and knock the 4 corners of the living room). Once we have carried out the ritual, my hubby distributed out the red packets to them. After that, we have leave the whole flat to them and we went for our lunch.

At around 2:30m or so, we returned back to our flat (just to ensure that they are doing their work).

Tiler at work       Living Room    Front view from Gate

So far, the start of the renovation has gone quite smoothly. The workers are quite organised and disciplined. The only problem to be dealt with will be the cement screeding job.

I shall update again after Monday on the progress of the renovation work and if the cement screeding job has been, indeed, carried out on coming Monday without a hitch!

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