Dreams again!

27 Oct

Once again, I have been having weird dreams currently.

Two of the recent dreams are more of seeing myself in a temple like environment feeling very frightened, praying to the Gods for their guidance to lead me out of the “trapped predicament” (as in the dreams) to safety.

This was quite weird as I was not “trapped” in the dreams as far as I could remember. Not very sure why I behaved in such a way in my dreams. Anyway, in the end, I was able to get out of the “trapped predicament” and got to safety…

This morning, I have another weird dream… This time round, this dream was no longer associates with the Gods. It was associated with “THEM”.

I remember I was frantically looking for the path to my new house with my hubby. He had been leading the way to our new flat. Our new flat was a symbolism of safety in my dream and we were trying our utmost to get to safety soonest possible.

We had passed by many twists and turns of roads before we were able to see the path to our new flat. Along the way, we did see many CIDs, yes, CIDS (not sure why this character appeared in my dream.. hahah) along the way… Seem as if something big had happened and they were doing some investigation.

Once we had seen the pathway to our new flat, the scene of my dream shifts and changes…

I have then seen myself alone in a totally unfamiliar environment in this new scene. Out of sudden, I was under attack by “THEM”! I was caught totally unaware!. It was as if I was being ambushed! “THEY” were everywhere! They looked like human… just that they have this additional ghoulish aura surrounding them. One look at them, you will know the difference!

I recall I was feeling really panicky! This was the first time that “THEY” really get so close up to attack me! I was fighting very wildly back and trying to get out of the ambush when suddenly I recalled that I have something besides me. I should make use of that to fight back. Chances of winning this “battle” will be high.

I made several wild attempts to grab that something besides me.  Once, I had touched it, I grabbed it and attacked back! I was then jerked awake!

Guess what?  That something that is beside me and has been used as a weapon by me is actually my bolster! And… yes, my poor hubby has been hit by the bolster!!!

Oops!!!!!   Sorry Dear… =P    My poor hubby! He is sleeping soundly before my bolster hits him… =X


Posted by on October 27, 2014 in Unexplainable Encounters


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2 responses to “Dreams again!

  1. sierra888

    October 27, 2014 at 7:02 PM

    I guess I was too horrified and amused by my actions. These sentiments have overridden the frightened feeling in the dream. 😄


  2. maddmombetty

    October 27, 2014 at 10:01 AM

    How can it be scary when it ends up so funny?



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