An Ideal Working Environment

30 Oct

For those who do know me, you might question why I have written about this topic out of sudden as this is not really my style… I don’t write about such general and debatable topics.

Well, let’s just take it that I have just been “inspired” by some incidents that have happened to me recently. Thus, I am now writing my scattered thoughts in this blog.

So, what is an ideal working environment to you?

To me, an ideal working environment is a very crucial factor as it will determine if I have a sense of belonging to the company and if I will be working happily in the company.

These 4 main factors that do contribute to the creation of an ideal working company:

1. Colleagues in own department

This is quite important. These are the people that will have the first contact with one every working weekdays. I guess affinity will have to start from here. Colleagues in the own department should help to support one another and should not be calculative. This is the most ideal situation.  Relationships within own department should be built up with a strong foundation. Mutual trust should be there as well.

In reality, will there be such an ideal situation? Yes, affinity and amiable relationships with one another in own department might exist. However, will this last long? Will the foundation be able to withstand time and put to test? Is mutual trust so easily being gained?

2. Colleagues in the Company

Inter-department relationships…  this will be looking at all the employed staff working in the same company. There are sure to be some colleagues that we are unable to “click” in the company. This is life. There will never be 100% liking or disliking of one. In this world, there will be people liking and disliking you.

One thing for sure, if the person whom you will need to liaise with you during work is someone you can’t click with or dislike, working has become a chore that one will dread.. Sooner or later, unhappiness will arise.

Should there be any favoritism practiced (meaning the management just take sides without hearing the stories from both sides), good luck! The one that has been picked on, will sure to feel more disgusted.

3. Company welfare

Company welfare is also very important. This will allow the staff to know how much the company value the staff. At the minimum, a company should have the basic welfare catered to the staff.

The better the welfare is, the staff will feel more appreciated. This might boost up the overall efficiency. This is a vicious cycle.

4. Work load 

Most often than not, the amount of work that one has been assigned to do is not equivalent to the amount of salary one has been paid for. It is extremely difficult to find a job that pays well with “pay equivalent” workload.

How will an overload staff be expected to enjoy working in such a company? Sooner or later, they will sure make mistakes in their work. Grievances will arise in the long run!

After briefly touching on the 4 main factors, I have come to realize that my views have pointed to the extreme negative side. This is not a good sign. It seems that I have become more and more pessimistic and unhappy in my current working place!

Perhaps its time for me to take a long break or to change a new environment…

P/S: Please do pardon my usage of broken grammar and vocabulary… I am not really in the mood to proof read this article currently… Too disappointed, disillusioned and tired..

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