Halloween Horror Nights 4 !!! =p

31 Oct

What a week!

Thank god! Friday finally arrives!!! Hahah

I am actually looking forward to the Halloween Horror Nights 4 outing organised by the  Resort World Sentosa  tomorrow! This is actually my first time going there. I am  filled with both curiosity and anxiety sentiments.

If you look at the advertisement of this event on the Resort World Sentosa official webpage, there are a total of 4 “haunted” houses and 4 scare zones to visit.

The 4 houses…

1. The Lab. This is more towards scientific experiences. This is more on how the experiments mixing both the human and alien hybrids together. Since the whole place will be decorated with bottles, cylinder tubes and  flasks etc with some alien bodies around here and there, I guess this house should not be as frightening as imagined. =P

2. Mati Camp. Hmmm, the name of this house has already instilled a sense of fear in me… This house will be showing how the recruits have been poorly treated and tortured! The advertisement for this house has also revealed that there are elements of CANNIBALISM and MUTILATION found in this house! Not to mention those gruesome pictures that have been posted… I am starting to have cold feet and 2nd thoughts of going into this house tomorrow…. -_-|||

3. Jing’s Revenge. This house has been set in a school like environment, with a bully victim who had hang herself. This is still okay, I guess… at least to me… hahah. I would expect the organizers to rely heavily on the lightnings and music to make the environment very eerie and scary when one steps into the house.

4. Jacks’ 3 Dementia. Ferocious and evil looking clowns are the main theme for the advertisement on this house. This house should be decorated to be as a circus like environment. I am unable to obtain more information from the advertisement for this house. Hopefully… its not as frightening as it seems… =X And I sincerely hope that should there be any audience interaction activities in this house, I will not be picked! Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed!

The 4 Scare zones…

1. Scary Tales. Oh my… the characters, Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel from the fairy tales are now mostly twisted and become our nightmares! This sounds quite interesting. Hehe. Well, if it really turns out to be very scary, at the most, just run!!! Haha, all the scary zones are in open space and thus, one should be able to get to “safety” easily. =X

2. Canyon of the Cursed. This will be a wild west environment. Its more about curse and spirits who have been protecting this land from treasures hunters. Sounds okay to me… Hahah, at least the advertised pictures of the “Cursed” looks okay to me… At any rate, I am not a treasure hunter. So, I could safely conclude that I will be safe, right? Hahah =P

3. Demoncracy. Loss of words… Hahah maybe I can’t get over the name for this scare zone… To me, it will mean demons are now free (have the freedom) to roam about in this area.. Since demons are let out, I would expect the demons to be evil and vicious looking. Hmmm… maybe, maybe I would give this zone a miss if possible as well… Hahah =X

4. Bogeyman. Nothing to elaborate on…  the name of this zone explains all… According to those of my friends and friends of my friends who have already gone to this Halloween Horror Nights 4 event, this is also a very scary zone. Just scary? Why scary? They have not provided more details. Should I or should I not go in? Hmmm…

In total, these 4 haunted houses and 4 scary zones really make me feel excited! How I wish Saturday will arrive sooner! Hahah, I am going to let my hair down and enjoy this outing to the fullest tomorrow! =D


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2 responses to “Halloween Horror Nights 4 !!! =p

  1. sierra888

    October 31, 2014 at 10:07 AM

    Hahah thanks, maddmombetty. Hopefully, I will not lose my voice after tomorrow night ( I will sure scream and scream). =X Will update the post after that. =))


  2. maddmombetty

    October 31, 2014 at 9:49 AM

    My hubby works at Universal Orlando…Halloween Horror Nights is a scary place to be! Hope you have fun! You’ll have to blog about your night of fear!



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