Another paranormal encounter

12 Nov

This was another encounter when both my colleague and I had been scheduled to work in the afternoon shift. After my last encounter (please see “2nd paranormal encounter”), whenever I had been scheduled to work in the afternoon shift, I will make sure that either my colleague on duty or myself to go up to the 3rd level to close all the unused classrooms before 8pm when there were still many people around.

I recalled that we had managed to lock Level 2 right wing and the whole of Level 3 quite early that night. We decided to book and share a cab home since our intention was to stay work overtime. We were in our office (located at Level 2, left wing), trying to clear as much work as possible while waiting for our cab to arrive. It was a very peaceful time when out of sudden, I heard some chain-like sound.

At first, I thought that I was dreaming or hallucinating. I paused for a while, paying full attention to my surrounding! I was not dreaming! Neither am I hallucinating! The sound sounded as if someone was trying to lock or unlock the lock at Level 3 impatiently (the main glass door of Level 3 was locked up with a chain and a lock). I looked at my colleague and it seemed that she had also heard the sound.

We communicated to one another in silence and we looked out from our office ‘s glass door to see if there was any one at the Level 3 main door (A fleet of stairs, leading to Level 3 main door, was located just next to my office). To our dismay, there was no people there! The moment we had looked out to check on the Level 3 main door, the sound stopped and vice versa!

Okay.. this is really spooky! “Not again?” I groaned to myself. I told myself that since we were at Level 2, it should be fine… My colleague started to crack some jokes to liven the atmosphere. We started to pack our things at the same time.

Out of sudden, the sound from Level 3 stopped. What caught me totally unaware was the spooky sound coming from the left corridor of our office! This sound was at first quite soft. I was quite unsure what I had heard at first. The sound started to get louder and louder. This was when I had this creepy, pickling sensation! I knew then something was definitely not right!

I was then able to hear the sound clearly. It sounded as if someone who was wearing those type of army boots walking heavily and loudly along the corridor, echoing the sound of heavy and loud footsteps. Apart from this, it sounded as if that someone was in chains and was dragging the chains while walking!!! Prisoner-of-war?!?!?!

My God!!! I looked up frantically at my colleague! She was still busy packing her things. From her body language, I knew that she had not heard the sound at all! I freaked out when the sound came nearer and nearer to our office (my table was located the nearest to the corridor)! I told or rather, shouted, to my colleague that it was time to go home! I grabbed my bag, off the lights (the switch was just next to my table) and dashed to the office door with my colleague!

The moment my colleague locked the office door, we made a dash down the fleet of stairs to the ground level! It was then my colleague asked me what happened. She had grabbed her bag and was ready to go off the moment I told her it was time to go home. I told her what I had heard and the creepy sensation that I had felt when the sound became louder and nearer to the both of us! She had confirmed that she had not heard the sound of the chained footsteps, just as I had expected!

From that day onwards, we did not dare to stay back late in office any more!

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