Scary or Reassuring? Friend or Foe?

18 Nov

The subject title for this post is often a question that I have asked myself after every encounter. There were times whereby I was really frightened of “THEM” (this is the term that I refer to the spirits and ghosts) and I could sense the tension in the atmosphere. However, there are also times whereby I was actually comforted by them. Yes, comforted… as if they know how I feel at a particular moment!

As per my previous write-ups, most of my encounters had taken place in Center “C”. Center “C” is a short building with only 3 levels. We were operating at the 2nd and 3rd levels.

At that time, the company that I have worked in did offer certain IT professional examination. The candidate would need to register, make payment and book an exam slot online via a particular IT website. Once these steps had been done, my company would receive notification that “so and so” would be coming to Center “C” to take a particular IT professional examination. Once the candidate arrived, he or she would be brought to a small room with only 2 computers (lets call this room as the “examination room”).

While the candidate was attempting the examination with one of the computers, one of us will be located at a nearby small room (lets call this room as “invigilation room”) doing our invigilation duties. A security camera was installed in the examination room and it was linked to a computer in the invigilation room. The staff on duty would carry out the invigilation duties via the computer in the invigilation room.

One of the stories that I have heard was that one of my ex-colleague was doing her invigilation duty in the invigilation room. There were a total of 2 candidates doing 2 different types of IT examinations in the examination room. She was doing her invigilation when out of sudden, she saw a lady in white standing in between the 2 candidates in the examination room. This lady’s back was facing the security camera. My colleague quickly went over to the examination room (just 2 to 4 steps away from the invigilation room) with the intention of questioning this lady why she had entered the examination room without permission.

As my colleague entered the examination room, to her surprise, there was no sign of the lady in white in this room! Both the candidates were attempting their examination. Should the lady had left the room, my colleague would sure to be able to see her! One thing to note here was that my colleague realized that the temperature in the room was extremely cold for a while!

My colleague went back to her invigilation room to replay the security tape again. She was very certain that she had seen a lady in white in the examination room! To her dismay, when she replayed the tape, there was no sign of the lady in white! This was really a big mystery to most of us! My colleagues had actually attempted to replay the tape also. None of them had seen the lady in white. As my colleagues know that I am quite “sensitive” towards this area, they had attempted to keep mum of this incident in front of me… -_-|||

As secrets can’t be kept forever, soon, I came to know about this incident.I was at first filled with dread whenever it was my turn to do the invigilation. I would open the door of the invigilation room (My theory was that should there be any encounter, I could escape fast. =X). After a few rounds of invigilation, this incident was then slowly being forgotten… My habit of keeping the invigilation door opened remained…

I recalled that I had just broken off with my 2nd ex-boyfriend at that period. I was feeling quite miserable. To make things worse, he was working in the same company as me… just that he was working at Center “P”. Occasionally, he will need to pop by at Center “C”. In order to avoid him, I had volunteered to do the invigilation instead. There was only one candidate registered on during that slot.

Once the candidate had reached, I had shown him to the examination room for him to begin his examination. I then retreated to the invigilation room. I started to recall what my colleague had informed me earlier. She had saw my ex-boyfriend shopping with another lady when we were still in a relationship. This was too much for me to take in at that moment! I was feeling very devastated! My pride was also being trampled on!

One thing led to another… Soon, I started to recall from the memories of the so-called honeymoon period to how the relationship ended. Tears started to flow down from my eyes. The built up tension in me after the breakup was too much for me to bear! I was so engrossed in my misery that for the first time in my life, I had actually not able to sense the subtle change in the atmosphere!

It was then I heard, well, let’s call it a song… It was definitely not noise… It sounded as if someone was singing… However, although this song sounded loud and near to me, I was unable to make up the lyrics. The melody was very smoothing. I raised up my tear-streaked face and started to pay attention to this song. I closed my eyes and shut down my brain cells. I allowed this song and its “lyrics” to engulf me and seek solace in it. I did not know why but somehow, I was comforted by this song.

This song had lasted for around five minutes. By the end of the five minutes, I was feeling calmer and very much at peace with myself. This was when the song started to fade off gradually… I ran out of the invigilation room to check who was the one singing. However, there was not a single soul along the corridor. I went back to the invigilation room. The candidate was still busy attempting his examination. However, I did notice then that there was a slight drop in the temperature of the invigilation room (I had not adjusted the temperature of the air conditioner at all!).

“Its THEM!” I thought to myself.

“Thank you!” I called out loud in the room, showing my appreciation to “them”.

To my surprise, I heard some fading strains of the song then. I smiled. I knew that “they” were encouraging me to be brave and look forward. No point crying over spilled milk now. A very warmth feeling surrounded me…

This incident has, indeed, made some impact on my life. I am able to pick up bits and pieces and continue on with my life. I no longer trying to put up a brave front in front of my colleagues whenever the topic of my failed relationship was touched on accidentally. I had accepted that he was my past and I no longer avoided him when he popped by at Center “C”. Most importantly, I have learnt to let go.

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