Heavy rain again

19 Dec

I always have this love and hate relationship with rain, especially heavy rain or thunderstorms on weekdays’ mornings. Why is this so? With the heavy downpour, Singapore’s weather temperature will drop quite drastically, especially during this end of year rainy season.

It will be so nice to be at home, enjoying the comforts that both the bed and blanket offer. For once, the temperature will not be hot and humid. However, since the downpour takes place on a weekday morning, I will need to force myself to wake up and prepare myself. My hubby will then send me to work. This is so disheartening!

This morning was one such good example. I forced myself to wake up and get ready to work. It was raining so heavily that even with the screen wipers, visibility was still very poor. Thus, my hubby drove slowly. Upon reaching my office building (at around 6.30 am), I had not gone up to my office immediately.

Instead, I sat at the entrance foyer, munching my carrot cake and playing with my ipad at the same time. It was so cold sitting down there. Some might question why I had not gone up to my office immediately since its raining so heavily, with strong cold winds blowing in and raindrops splattering in.

My reason was that the sky was still very, very dark. Once again, some will question what does this has to do with why I had not gone up to my office immediately. Well, I do not want to disturb “them”. Furthermore, the probability of having an encounter with them when I am alone on rainy days is very high.

When the sky has brightened up substantially and the rain getting smaller, I gather all my things and headed up to my office. When the lift opened at my level, the lift lobby still look gloomy with very little sunlight penetrating through the glass windows at the end and a lighted corridor (the security guard has gone up ahead to on the lights along the corridor for me earlier). I went in to the corridor, passing by all the locked classrooms.

As I was about to reach the door of my office, I heard some sounds coming from the locked classrooms. My God! I was alone at this level and as it was still quite early, no one has reported to work yet at the other levels in this building. The sounds sounded as if some one was arranging the tables and chairs in the classroom! Another sound sounded like the “boom boom” sound as if someone was rushing here and there!!!

This was so eerie! I almost lost control of myself and wanted to chant out loud in the corridor near to my office. I quickened my pace and quickly dashed in to my office.

Phew, in my own comfort zone area again!


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