My favourite Christmas gift – Yr 2014

13 Feb

I know that this post has come quite late…hahaha but it is always best to be late than never right? =X

In Yr 2014, I have received a fair share of Christmas gifts. Most of these gifts are mainly facial products and hand cream products. This is a big contrast to the gifts that I have had received in Year 2013. My Yr 2013 gifts are mainly chocolates! Hahah

Out of these 2014 Christmas gifts, the one that leaves a deep impression on me is the one my colleague, Jamie, has given. She has actually given me a bottle of hand gel wrapped in a paper bag. On top of this, she has also handmade a gingerbread man, attached a wooden peg to it and used this to secure the gift. Jamie has a flair in doing handicrafts.

It is love at first sight when I have received this gift. Okay, it is more of love at first sight with the gingerbread man. It is so adorable! Its size is also just nice. I have jokingly requested for a female gingerbread man (Let’s call it gingerbread lady, shall we? =P). Guess what? Jamie has racked her brains and come out with a gingerbread lady for me within a  few days after my request.

Although I have not shown it (I belong to the category of “not capable to express sentiments freely”), I really feel touched. From the way she has created the gingerbread lady, she has put in efforts to create this gingerbread lady (a ballerina) although she is usually feeling exhausted when she reached home after work. Yes, I LOVE this gingerbread lady as well!

Chirstmas gift - Gingerbread

I have attached a picture of Jamie’s handicrafts. Cute right? Now my gingerbread man has the company of his girlfriend and are sitting on my office desk. Whenever, I feel stressed at work, I will stop work for a while and “play” with them to de-stress myself. Hehe =X

Happy Valentine’s Day 2015 and Lunar Chinese New Year 2015 to all! =)

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