Preparation for Chinese New Year 2015

17 Feb

Preparation for the arrival of Year 2015 Lunar Chinese New Year, the year of the Wooden Goat, is definitely not a easy task for me!

The Lunar Chinese New Year (CNY) falls on this Thursday! I have just come to terms that yesterday night that I still have a lot of uncompleted tasks to carry out! Oh gosh!

I have been too complacent, thinking that I will have more than enough time to prepare for the arrival of CNY (since this CNY arrives quite late this year)! It was only till yesterday night, I have realized that a lot of things have not been done yet!  -_-”’

I don’t even have the time to test out and play with my new oven. I have bought the ingredients with the intention of baking pineapple tarts. I guess this will have to wait now since I am currently feeling more panicky in the preparation process. I do not have the luxury time to indulge myself in bakery for the time being. =(

I guess my hubby and I will have to do last minute shopping later when we knock off and tomorrow as well, if the need arises. It will be a race against time! Everything will be purchased in a haste and the shopping malls will sure to be very packed! Argh!!! Oh god! I do so hate last minute shopping!

Hopefully, by tomorrow evening, all the following tasks have been completed and my sudden panic attack will subside.

1. A new pair of shoes for hubby

2. At least 1 more set of clothes for myself

3. Change the bed sheet

4. Tidied up the whole house

5. Prepare and pack the red packets

6. Buy sweets, chocolates and mandarin oranges

7. Prepare and display the sweets, chocolates and CNY goodies in the respective containers

Sighz, not sure if I have left out any uncompleted tasks unknowingly…

May this 2015 Lunar Chinese New Year will be a smooth running year for all!

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