How Time flies….

23 Feb

How Time flies…

In just a twinkle of the eye, the first and second days of the lunar Chinese New Year (CNY) had passed.The lunar Chinese New Year public holidays in Singapore have come to an end for some. My hubby, for an example, starts work today. Poor fellow! 😁

To summarise how I have spent my last five days (from CNY eve till yesterday), everything went off like a breeze! Hahah, I am also not quite sure how I spent my time away.

CNY eve (Wed)

I vividly remember that CNY eve was to have our reunion dinner with my parents in law. After that, my hubby and I were thinking of either to go to Chinatown or the Ang Bao River. In the end, we ended up watching Starhub cable TV instead as it will be very crowded over there.

First day of CNY (Thurs)

We have our reunion lunch with my parents on the first day of CNY instead. We then went to house visiting with parents. The usual custom applies. We greet our relatives, give the mandarin oranges to the elders and distribute red packets (as a form of good blessings) to the juniors. I think my hubby and I have also went to the Ang Bao River on this day too (if not, then it will be on the second day), during the evening if I remember correctly. End of the day.

Second day of CNY (Fri)

Honestly speaking, I can’t really recall how we spent our second CNY day. πŸ˜“ All I am certain is that we have gone to Vivo to book a pain of movie tickets for this Chinese CNY show “Vegas to Macau II” Β and ended this day by watching Starhub cable tv again till one or two plus in the morning! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This is our way to relax and de stress ourselves. 😜

Third day of CNY (Sat)

21st Feb is a special date to me as this is the day I have arrived to this world. I remember dreaming of my Junior College friends, Marie and SusynaΒ meeting up this CNY and catching up on latest news, okay, gossips, with one another when Marie has just out of sudden goes missing! This short dream ended with me and Susyna go searching for her.

What surprises me when I am awake is that I have received an watsapp birthday greetings from Marie! We have not really been keeping in contact with one another. This is really a pleasant surprise. Birthday greetings via Facebook come in as well. I am really quite surprise and happy to receive so many well wishes. 😊

I think my hubby and I have gone to Tampines to “walk around”. No point celebrating my birthday as everywhere is crowded during CNY period. And yes, we ended this day with the company of the Starhub cable tv as well. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I do hope that my hubby will not have any unpleasant shock when the water and electrical bill arrives. 😝

Fourth day of CNY (Sun)

This day marks the commencement of praying to Tai Tsui for a smooth transition in whatever things we do for this year, the year of Goat. We have woke up early to go to the Chong Ghee Temple to go pray Tai Tsui. This is to avoid the crowd.

In the afternoon, we went to Vivo for our lunch and movie treats. This show “Vegas to Macau II” is really a good comedy show. We have a good laugh over it and enjoy ourselves very much. In the evening, we are backΒ at home, watching Starhub cable tv again! Hahah, I think we almost practically about to become Mr and Mrs couch potatoes!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

My hubby has officially started work today. For me, I am practically ‘rotting’ in Starbucks cafe, sipping my coffee, playing my games, surfing net and composing this post via my iPad. 😁😁😁 sounds good huh? Hehe, just let me indulge myself for once before I start work on Wednesday. 😜

Once again, happy lunar Chinese New Year to all! 😊

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