Equality among both the gender?

30 Dec

This topic has always been in existence. It has never been clear if such equality has been achieved in Singapore’s current society. There are too much grey areas to draw a distinctive line. At least this is my own personal view till my Christmas Eve dinner.

For this year, 2015, both my hubby and I went to Todai @ Marina Bay Sands for our Christmas Eve dinner international seafood buffet.

We had been seated among the tables catered for couples. A slightly young couple, maybe in their early 20s, were seating at my left. Lets call their table A. To my right, there was another pair of couple, maybe in either late 20s or early 30s. Lets call their table B.

This year, instead of “attacking” the fresh oysters and big, fat and juicy crab legs, we have decided to eat other types of food offered in Todai. Most of the patrons had been busy stacking their plates with lots of oysters and Alaskan crab legs and pinchers before going back to their table.

I was eating my roasted duck meat when I heard some ‘clanking’ sound, coming from my left (Table A, the young couple). Out of curosity, I turned my head slightly and peeped at the girlfriend. Her boyfriend, at that particular moment ,was still out there at the seafood buffet counter (2nd or 3rd rounds) and had not returned back to his seat.

To my surprise, she seemed as if she was trying to arrange the seafood to make it looked nicer on her boyfriend’s plate! 😨 I was thinking that either both of us had a generation gap or that she was too bored waiting for her boyfriend and thus, started playing with the food.

Then came the slightly older couple who were seated to my right (Table B). This table took quite a huge amount of seafood. Plates of Alaskan crab legs and pinchers and oysters had been placed on the table. Similarly, the boyfriend was often “making rounds” at the buffet counters.

Same sound was heard again.. This time, it was from my right. I know that I should not be so busybody… but I just can’t resist the temptation to peep and to see if the girlfriend would do the same thing as what the other girlfriend had done…

If there was ever a best girlfriend award, I would nominate her! Her boyfriend had a muscular build and was bigger than her. What she had done had really left me speechless!😲

She had actually squeezed the lemon and put in the chilli sauce for all the 8 oysters that were supposed to be her boyfriend’s. She had also cut open the crab leg before passing it over to her boyfriend for consumption!

This was the “role” of most of the guys in the past, especially during the courtship period. It seems that this role has been reversing slowly throughout these years. I was quite stunned!

I even have a few short, self-querying moments… Not that I questioned myself on why I have not done so for my hubby (hahah, oops 😆), but more on the worrying factor that I might have been disconnected from the society although I am currently working…

If this is the norm now, it seems that that equality between both genders have been reversing slowly throughout these years. 😜

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