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Heavy rain again

I always have this love and hate relationship with rain, especially heavy rain or thunderstorms on weekdays’ mornings. Why is this so? With the heavy downpour, Singapore’s weather temperature will drop quite drastically, especially during this end of year rainy season.

It will be so nice to be at home, enjoying the comforts that both the bed and blanket offer. For once, the temperature will not be hot and humid. However, since the downpour takes place on a weekday morning, I will need to force myself to wake up and prepare myself. My hubby will then send me to work. This is so disheartening!

This morning was one such good example. I forced myself to wake up and get ready to work. It was raining so heavily that even with the screen wipers, visibility was still very poor. Thus, my hubby drove slowly. Upon reaching my office building (at around 6.30 am), I had not gone up to my office immediately.

Instead, I sat at the entrance foyer, munching my carrot cake and playing with my ipad at the same time. It was so cold sitting down there. Some might question why I had not gone up to my office immediately since its raining so heavily, with strong cold winds blowing in and raindrops splattering in.

My reason was that the sky was still very, very dark. Once again, some will question what does this has to do with why I had not gone up to my office immediately. Well, I do not want to disturb “them”. Furthermore, the probability of having an encounter with them when I am alone on rainy days is very high.

When the sky has brightened up substantially and the rain getting smaller, I gather all my things and headed up to my office. When the lift opened at my level, the lift lobby still look gloomy with very little sunlight penetrating through the glass windows at the end and a lighted corridor (the security guard has gone up ahead to on the lights along the corridor for me earlier). I went in to the corridor, passing by all the locked classrooms.

As I was about to reach the door of my office, I heard some sounds coming from the locked classrooms. My God! I was alone at this level and as it was still quite early, no one has reported to work yet at the other levels in this building. The sounds sounded as if some one was arranging the tables and chairs in the classroom! Another sound sounded like the “boom boom” sound as if someone was rushing here and there!!!

This was so eerie! I almost lost control of myself and wanted to chant out loud in the corridor near to my office. I quickened my pace and quickly dashed in to my office.

Phew, in my own comfort zone area again!


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Scary or Reassuring? Friend or Foe?

The subject title for this post is often a question that I have asked myself after every encounter. There were times whereby I was really frightened of “THEM” (this is the term that I refer to the spirits and ghosts) and I could sense the tension in the atmosphere. However, there are also times whereby I was actually comforted by them. Yes, comforted… as if they know how I feel at a particular moment!

As per my previous write-ups, most of my encounters had taken place in Center “C”. Center “C” is a short building with only 3 levels. We were operating at the 2nd and 3rd levels.

At that time, the company that I have worked in did offer certain IT professional examination. The candidate would need to register, make payment and book an exam slot online via a particular IT website. Once these steps had been done, my company would receive notification that “so and so” would be coming to Center “C” to take a particular IT professional examination. Once the candidate arrived, he or she would be brought to a small room with only 2 computers (lets call this room as the “examination room”).

While the candidate was attempting the examination with one of the computers, one of us will be located at a nearby small room (lets call this room as “invigilation room”) doing our invigilation duties. A security camera was installed in the examination room and it was linked to a computer in the invigilation room. The staff on duty would carry out the invigilation duties via the computer in the invigilation room.

One of the stories that I have heard was that one of my ex-colleague was doing her invigilation duty in the invigilation room. There were a total of 2 candidates doing 2 different types of IT examinations in the examination room. She was doing her invigilation when out of sudden, she saw a lady in white standing in between the 2 candidates in the examination room. This lady’s back was facing the security camera. My colleague quickly went over to the examination room (just 2 to 4 steps away from the invigilation room) with the intention of questioning this lady why she had entered the examination room without permission.

As my colleague entered the examination room, to her surprise, there was no sign of the lady in white in this room! Both the candidates were attempting their examination. Should the lady had left the room, my colleague would sure to be able to see her! One thing to note here was that my colleague realized that the temperature in the room was extremely cold for a while!

My colleague went back to her invigilation room to replay the security tape again. She was very certain that she had seen a lady in white in the examination room! To her dismay, when she replayed the tape, there was no sign of the lady in white! This was really a big mystery to most of us! My colleagues had actually attempted to replay the tape also. None of them had seen the lady in white. As my colleagues know that I am quite “sensitive” towards this area, they had attempted to keep mum of this incident in front of me… -_-|||

As secrets can’t be kept forever, soon, I came to know about this incident.I was at first filled with dread whenever it was my turn to do the invigilation. I would open the door of the invigilation room (My theory was that should there be any encounter, I could escape fast. =X). After a few rounds of invigilation, this incident was then slowly being forgotten… My habit of keeping the invigilation door opened remained…

I recalled that I had just broken off with my 2nd ex-boyfriend at that period. I was feeling quite miserable. To make things worse, he was working in the same company as me… just that he was working at Center “P”. Occasionally, he will need to pop by at Center “C”. In order to avoid him, I had volunteered to do the invigilation instead. There was only one candidate registered on during that slot.

Once the candidate had reached, I had shown him to the examination room for him to begin his examination. I then retreated to the invigilation room. I started to recall what my colleague had informed me earlier. She had saw my ex-boyfriend shopping with another lady when we were still in a relationship. This was too much for me to take in at that moment! I was feeling very devastated! My pride was also being trampled on!

One thing led to another… Soon, I started to recall from the memories of the so-called honeymoon period to how the relationship ended. Tears started to flow down from my eyes. The built up tension in me after the breakup was too much for me to bear! I was so engrossed in my misery that for the first time in my life, I had actually not able to sense the subtle change in the atmosphere!

It was then I heard, well, let’s call it a song… It was definitely not noise… It sounded as if someone was singing… However, although this song sounded loud and near to me, I was unable to make up the lyrics. The melody was very smoothing. I raised up my tear-streaked face and started to pay attention to this song. I closed my eyes and shut down my brain cells. I allowed this song and its “lyrics” to engulf me and seek solace in it. I did not know why but somehow, I was comforted by this song.

This song had lasted for around five minutes. By the end of the five minutes, I was feeling calmer and very much at peace with myself. This was when the song started to fade off gradually… I ran out of the invigilation room to check who was the one singing. However, there was not a single soul along the corridor. I went back to the invigilation room. The candidate was still busy attempting his examination. However, I did notice then that there was a slight drop in the temperature of the invigilation room (I had not adjusted the temperature of the air conditioner at all!).

“Its THEM!” I thought to myself.

“Thank you!” I called out loud in the room, showing my appreciation to “them”.

To my surprise, I heard some fading strains of the song then. I smiled. I knew that “they” were encouraging me to be brave and look forward. No point crying over spilled milk now. A very warmth feeling surrounded me…

This incident has, indeed, made some impact on my life. I am able to pick up bits and pieces and continue on with my life. I no longer trying to put up a brave front in front of my colleagues whenever the topic of my failed relationship was touched on accidentally. I had accepted that he was my past and I no longer avoided him when he popped by at Center “C”. Most importantly, I have learnt to let go.

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Another paranormal encounter

This was another encounter when both my colleague and I had been scheduled to work in the afternoon shift. After my last encounter (please see “2nd paranormal encounter”), whenever I had been scheduled to work in the afternoon shift, I will make sure that either my colleague on duty or myself to go up to the 3rd level to close all the unused classrooms before 8pm when there were still many people around.

I recalled that we had managed to lock Level 2 right wing and the whole of Level 3 quite early that night. We decided to book and share a cab home since our intention was to stay work overtime. We were in our office (located at Level 2, left wing), trying to clear as much work as possible while waiting for our cab to arrive. It was a very peaceful time when out of sudden, I heard some chain-like sound.

At first, I thought that I was dreaming or hallucinating. I paused for a while, paying full attention to my surrounding! I was not dreaming! Neither am I hallucinating! The sound sounded as if someone was trying to lock or unlock the lock at Level 3 impatiently (the main glass door of Level 3 was locked up with a chain and a lock). I looked at my colleague and it seemed that she had also heard the sound.

We communicated to one another in silence and we looked out from our office ‘s glass door to see if there was any one at the Level 3 main door (A fleet of stairs, leading to Level 3 main door, was located just next to my office). To our dismay, there was no people there! The moment we had looked out to check on the Level 3 main door, the sound stopped and vice versa!

Okay.. this is really spooky! “Not again?” I groaned to myself. I told myself that since we were at Level 2, it should be fine… My colleague started to crack some jokes to liven the atmosphere. We started to pack our things at the same time.

Out of sudden, the sound from Level 3 stopped. What caught me totally unaware was the spooky sound coming from the left corridor of our office! This sound was at first quite soft. I was quite unsure what I had heard at first. The sound started to get louder and louder. This was when I had this creepy, pickling sensation! I knew then something was definitely not right!

I was then able to hear the sound clearly. It sounded as if someone who was wearing those type of army boots walking heavily and loudly along the corridor, echoing the sound of heavy and loud footsteps. Apart from this, it sounded as if that someone was in chains and was dragging the chains while walking!!! Prisoner-of-war?!?!?!

My God!!! I looked up frantically at my colleague! She was still busy packing her things. From her body language, I knew that she had not heard the sound at all! I freaked out when the sound came nearer and nearer to our office (my table was located the nearest to the corridor)! I told or rather, shouted, to my colleague that it was time to go home! I grabbed my bag, off the lights (the switch was just next to my table) and dashed to the office door with my colleague!

The moment my colleague locked the office door, we made a dash down the fleet of stairs to the ground level! It was then my colleague asked me what happened. She had grabbed her bag and was ready to go off the moment I told her it was time to go home. I told her what I had heard and the creepy sensation that I had felt when the sound became louder and nearer to the both of us! She had confirmed that she had not heard the sound of the chained footsteps, just as I had expected!

From that day onwards, we did not dare to stay back late in office any more!

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2nd paranormal encounter

Most often than not, if I have been to a temple and there is a god procession going on, the medium will often give me a weird look. Their look really make me feel uncomfortable… I have been trying to find out why I always feel so uncomfortable.. but till now, I have not managed to find the answer. Hence, I do not dare to go to temples alone… Hence, I am quite puzzled of my recent dreams of visiting the temples.

Okay, back to the topic…

It has been a while since I last updated this category… The last paranormal encounter that I have blogged about is about how I encountered a white spectrum at the Center “P” lift lobby.

I was being told before that my “yin qi” is quite strong and thus, attracting “them” easily to me… Today, I will be blogging on one of the encounters at the other center, center “C”. This is, coincidentally, the place where I have almost encountered at least a paranormal encounter once a day… If you have looked in another angle, it is as if this is a kind of “training center” for me. Hahah

Some background information.. Center “C” is a 3-storey building. Most of the administrative and customer services offices are located at the 2nd floor, left wing. Academics offices are located at the left wing of the 3rd storey. Classrooms are scattered around in Level 2 ( left and right wings) and Level 3 (left and right wings). the library was located at the centre of level 3.

Okay, back to the narration…

I was then working as one of the student service executive and was working on shifts. If I am in the morning shift, I will then need to go around and unlock all the locked classrooms in the morning. Should I be in the afternoon shift, I will need to go around and lock all the classrooms at night before I am able to go back home.

This encounter that I am going to relate took place during one of my afternoon shifts… I remember that all of us (my colleagues and me) were very busy. There were a total of 2 of us on afternoon duty that day. As there were not much classes on the 2nd level after we were free, I had managed to lock all the classrooms before I had gone up to Level  3. There was a room rental activity at the 3rd level, right wing. There is a side glass door at the right wing that needed to be locked before we could lock the main door located at the center of the level 3.

Once at Level 3, I proceeded on to check the classrooms and academics offices… I even switched off the lights in the toilets. The classrooms in the left wing are also locked. One academic colleague (lets call him “Collin”) was in one of the academic offices. He has informed me that he will ensure that all PCs and lights will be properly off before he went off (he was the last academics on this floor; the rest had already gone home…). I had gone to another academic office to ensure all PCs and lights were off when out of sudden, I had that “disturbing” feeling again!

In just a few seconds ( I do not really have the time to react), I had heard a loud door “splam”! I jumped in shock! The sound came from one of the toilets from the left wing…

Who? I thought to myself? Was it Collin, I wonder.. I quickly ran (yes, I ran!) to the academic office where Collin was at. I guess my intention was to check if Collin was in the office… just to confirm my suspicion… Yup, true enough, he was seating at his desk doing his work! He was surprise to see me looking so flustered. I told him of the sound that  I had heard and asked him if he had seen any one coming back to the office. Guess what?! He had not heard the loud door “splam” and he was still alone!!!   -_-|||

As a gentleman, Collin had volunteered and accompanied me to check both the toilets… Oh God!!! The lights in the female toilet was on! Apart from Collin and me, there was no other people in this left wing! It was so creepy! I had off the lights beforehand personally! I looked at Collin and he looked at me… We both knew something was not right! I once again off the lights in the toilet in the presence of Collin. He then went back to pack his things to go home… I guess he had no mood to stay back to finish up his work…

I, on the other hand, was not as lucky… I would need to close the right wing and main door as well. As I passed by the library, Collin had informed me that he going back home. In other words, apart from the participants from the room rental activity, I was practically alone in level 3… Once the room rental activity had ended, I quickly locked the classrooms in the right wing. As I was kneeling down and locking the side door of the right wing, I heard a lot of noise from the library behind me! It was as if there were a lot of people conversing with one and another and a lot of activities had been going on! I froze at the position for a few seconds!

I plucked up my courage and slowly raised my head to view the reflection on the side door (can see the view of the whole library via the reflection). The reflection showed that the library was closed and dark! The moment I raised my head, the sounds stopped! When I lowered my head to focus on the lock, the sounds “came back”!!!

“What the…” I thought! I practically ran out of the main door of level 3, quickly locked the main door and ran all the way down to level 2! My colleague, in our office at Level 2,  was shocked to see me ran all the way down! She was shocked to see that I looked so pale. Knowing a bit of my “background”, she immediately knew something was not right. The both of us quickly packed our bags and then locked the office and gone back home!

What a night!

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Dreams again!

Once again, I have been having weird dreams currently.

Two of the recent dreams are more of seeing myself in a temple like environment feeling very frightened, praying to the Gods for their guidance to lead me out of the “trapped predicament” (as in the dreams) to safety.

This was quite weird as I was not “trapped” in the dreams as far as I could remember. Not very sure why I behaved in such a way in my dreams. Anyway, in the end, I was able to get out of the “trapped predicament” and got to safety…

This morning, I have another weird dream… This time round, this dream was no longer associates with the Gods. It was associated with “THEM”.

I remember I was frantically looking for the path to my new house with my hubby. He had been leading the way to our new flat. Our new flat was a symbolism of safety in my dream and we were trying our utmost to get to safety soonest possible.

We had passed by many twists and turns of roads before we were able to see the path to our new flat. Along the way, we did see many CIDs, yes, CIDS (not sure why this character appeared in my dream.. hahah) along the way… Seem as if something big had happened and they were doing some investigation.

Once we had seen the pathway to our new flat, the scene of my dream shifts and changes…

I have then seen myself alone in a totally unfamiliar environment in this new scene. Out of sudden, I was under attack by “THEM”! I was caught totally unaware!. It was as if I was being ambushed! “THEY” were everywhere! They looked like human… just that they have this additional ghoulish aura surrounding them. One look at them, you will know the difference!

I recall I was feeling really panicky! This was the first time that “THEY” really get so close up to attack me! I was fighting very wildly back and trying to get out of the ambush when suddenly I recalled that I have something besides me. I should make use of that to fight back. Chances of winning this “battle” will be high.

I made several wild attempts to grab that something besides me.  Once, I had touched it, I grabbed it and attacked back! I was then jerked awake!

Guess what?  That something that is beside me and has been used as a weapon by me is actually my bolster! And… yes, my poor hubby has been hit by the bolster!!!

Oops!!!!!   Sorry Dear… =P    My poor hubby! He is sleeping soundly before my bolster hits him… =X


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1st real life paranormal encounter

As mentioned in my introduction, I always have weird, unexplainable dreams. Most often than not, the main theme of my dreams do come true! 😰

My first encounter of paranormal activity occurred on a Sunday. I remember clearly that I was scheduled to work and was chatting happily away with my colleagues at, well, let’s call it Centre “C”. I am actually stationed at another centre, let’s call it “P”.

On every Sunday, all staff from Centre “P” scheduled for work, will be stationed at Centre “C” and they will need to ensure all rooms and lights at Centre “P” to be properly locked and off respectively. Both Centre “P” and Centre “C” are just situated next to one another.

It was my turn to work on Sunday. I was required to go back to Centre “P” later in the day to ensure all rooms are properly locked and all lights were off. I remember that when I was about to go over to Centre “P”, there was a thunderstorm brewing furiously. I recall vividly that I do not have a good feeling. As I was a ‘greenhorn’ then, I did not pay attention to such tell-tale details.

I went up to Centre “P” alone. As I was checking the rooms along the corridor, a creepy sensation caught me unaware out of sudden! This creepy sensation was getting stronger and stronger! It was as if I was not alone in the corridor and that my movements were being watched! My imagination ran amok. Was there a stalker or pervert hiding in a corner watching me, I wondered. I told myself to hurry up and go back to Centre “C”.

Just as I was waiting in the lift lobby to go back to Centre “C”, what greeted me out of sudden caught me unaware!

A spectrum of whitish, errie light greeted me. For a moment, I have foolishly thought that my eyesight had deteroriated again! I was foolishly looking blankly at the specturm of light and then at the dim light nearby. I even wondered insanely that how come my eyes could see white light whereas the light should be yellowish-orange in color! 😓😓😓

I blinked and closed my eyes for a while. The specturm of white light is still there (now to think about it, it does look like the shape of an upper body of a human). This time round, thank god that my wits are back, I just feel that something was not right somewhere. I purposely tilted my body to face another angle in the lift lobby. To my dismay, the specturm of light followed my movement and reappeared within my sight again!

This time round, this spectrum of light became enlarged, almost taking the shape of a human body but with no feet!!! OMG!!! 😱😱😱

At that particular moment, I did not scream or shout. However, this did not mean that I was brave! I was too paralyzed with fear to think properly! I kept telling myself that this spectrum of light was not ‘those things’ and tilted my body to another angle, nearer to the lift button.

This spectrum of light once again followed my movement and was quick to be in my sight again! This time round, it took in the form of a human head! At this stage, my brain seemed to crease functioning and my body took over the control. My mind was totally blank, facing the spectrum of light. However, my left finger was furiously pressing the lift button automatically. It was as if my body could no longer withstand the stupidity of my brain at such a crucial stage! 😄

The moment the sweet sound ‘ding’ was heard, my legs ran into the open lift and my fingers seemed to coordinate perfectly by pressing ‘level 1’ button and ‘closing door’ button. It was when the movement of the lift was felt, my whole body leaned against the wall of the lift for support.

Once the lift reached level 1 and opened the door, I dashed out from the lift, all the way to Centre “C”. I knew I was behaving like a crazy woman but this was my least concern. The aim was to get to safety and safety then, was Centre “C” with my colleagues.

Now that I think about this incident, I am very sure that my facial expression and body movements, when I was at the lift lobby, must be priceless and comical. Hahah 😅

I rarely react in such a brainless and ignorant manner. Perhaps I have accidentally provoked or upset ‘them’ on that day. Now to recall back, I guess ‘they’ do not mean any  harm. Mischievous maybe.. but not evil. Should ‘they’ had any malicious intention towards me, I don’t think I was able to last so long alone with ‘them’ at the lift lobby. Neither will I be able to make it back safely to Centre “C”.

After this incident, I have not encountered any such encounters until the end of my 2nd relationship. Then, these other encounters come in full blast…

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Introduction – Unexplainable Encounters

Hi there,

Since this blog is about life experiences, I guess there is no harm adding this ‘unexplainable encounters’ catergory to this blog.

This catergory will  be touching on my personal experiences with the supernatural encounters. Since young, I am quite sensitive towards this area. Why? I am not sure also. I recall having all sorts of weird dreams when I was young.

I was often chased after by the demons or spirits in my dreams. I often see myself running frantically from THEM in these dreams. Their agenda was always the same. They want my life! Sometimes, I would wake up screaming away, breaking into cold sweat…

It was until much later in life that I have learnt how to protect myself against these dreams. I am not sure how I have done it… I have actually gotten sick of running away from them. In 1 of the last few dreams, I have actually confronted them and challenged them defiantly right to their face that if they are really that capable, then come and get me! Well, I guess I am getting really irritated of these dreams and THEY are really trying my patience! After that, I have actually told myself calmly that it is time to wake up!

Similar reactions in last few dreams. Whenever the ‘me’ in the dreams started to feel the presence of them, the ‘me’ in my dreams will call out to my brain, telling me that this is a dream and I should wake up.

Not all my dreams are about horrifying demons and spirits. I do at times dreamt of gods and deities. However, most of these dreams are quite vaque and I would not be able to recall much once I have woken up.

I have also dreamt of the people around me once in a blue moon. This is a very worrying trait. Most often than not, these dreams are not good dreams. The theme of these dreams will always portray my friend is in trouble. The scary part is that this theme will always come true!!

Luckily, I seldom dream now, ever since I have worked in my current company. Its about, say, 10 years already that i seldom or even rarely dream. It is as if I have outgrown from the dreaming stage.

However, it is not so simple.. Some how, to me, although the dreamlike terror reign has been over, another type of terror era has begun.

Its as if the demons and spirits from my dreams have escaped and decided to barge into my life in reality. I have endless of encounters ever since. Sometimes, words that come out from my mouth, words that are spoken out without thinking, have come true as well!

Whenever I relate my encounters, some of my friends do not believe in it. They felt that I am being paranoid. I will be posting most of my encounters in this blog soon and you will be the judge. ;p

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