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How Time flies….

How Time flies…

In just a twinkle of the eye, the first and second days of the lunar Chinese New Year (CNY) had passed.The lunar Chinese New Year public holidays in Singapore have come to an end for some. My hubby, for an example, starts work today. Poor fellow! 😁

To summarise how I have spent my last five days (from CNY eve till yesterday), everything went off like a breeze! Hahah, I am also not quite sure how I spent my time away.

CNY eve (Wed)

I vividly remember that CNY eve was to have our reunion dinner with my parents in law. After that, my hubby and I were thinking of either to go to Chinatown or the Ang Bao River. In the end, we ended up watching Starhub cable TV instead as it will be very crowded over there.

First day of CNY (Thurs)

We have our reunion lunch with my parents on the first day of CNY instead. We then went to house visiting with parents. The usual custom applies. We greet our relatives, give the mandarin oranges to the elders and distribute red packets (as a form of good blessings) to the juniors. I think my hubby and I have also went to the Ang Bao River on this day too (if not, then it will be on the second day), during the evening if I remember correctly. End of the day.

Second day of CNY (Fri)

Honestly speaking, I can’t really recall how we spent our second CNY day. 😓 All I am certain is that we have gone to Vivo to book a pain of movie tickets for this Chinese CNY show “Vegas to Macau II”  and ended this day by watching Starhub cable tv again till one or two plus in the morning! 😂😂😂 This is our way to relax and de stress ourselves. 😜

Third day of CNY (Sat)

21st Feb is a special date to me as this is the day I have arrived to this world. I remember dreaming of my Junior College friends, Marie and Susyna meeting up this CNY and catching up on latest news, okay, gossips, with one another when Marie has just out of sudden goes missing! This short dream ended with me and Susyna go searching for her.

What surprises me when I am awake is that I have received an watsapp birthday greetings from Marie! We have not really been keeping in contact with one another. This is really a pleasant surprise. Birthday greetings via Facebook come in as well. I am really quite surprise and happy to receive so many well wishes. 😊

I think my hubby and I have gone to Tampines to “walk around”. No point celebrating my birthday as everywhere is crowded during CNY period. And yes, we ended this day with the company of the Starhub cable tv as well. 😂😂😂 I do hope that my hubby will not have any unpleasant shock when the water and electrical bill arrives. 😝

Fourth day of CNY (Sun)

This day marks the commencement of praying to Tai Tsui for a smooth transition in whatever things we do for this year, the year of Goat. We have woke up early to go to the Chong Ghee Temple to go pray Tai Tsui. This is to avoid the crowd.

In the afternoon, we went to Vivo for our lunch and movie treats. This show “Vegas to Macau II” is really a good comedy show. We have a good laugh over it and enjoy ourselves very much. In the evening, we are back at home, watching Starhub cable tv again! Hahah, I think we almost practically about to become Mr and Mrs couch potatoes!!! 😂😂😂

My hubby has officially started work today. For me, I am practically ‘rotting’ in Starbucks cafe, sipping my coffee, playing my games, surfing net and composing this post via my iPad. 😁😁😁 sounds good huh? Hehe, just let me indulge myself for once before I start work on Wednesday. 😜

Once again, happy lunar Chinese New Year to all! 😊

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Preparation for Chinese New Year 2015

Preparation for the arrival of Year 2015 Lunar Chinese New Year, the year of the Wooden Goat, is definitely not a easy task for me!

The Lunar Chinese New Year (CNY) falls on this Thursday! I have just come to terms that yesterday night that I still have a lot of uncompleted tasks to carry out! Oh gosh!

I have been too complacent, thinking that I will have more than enough time to prepare for the arrival of CNY (since this CNY arrives quite late this year)! It was only till yesterday night, I have realized that a lot of things have not been done yet!  -_-”’

I don’t even have the time to test out and play with my new oven. I have bought the ingredients with the intention of baking pineapple tarts. I guess this will have to wait now since I am currently feeling more panicky in the preparation process. I do not have the luxury time to indulge myself in bakery for the time being. =(

I guess my hubby and I will have to do last minute shopping later when we knock off and tomorrow as well, if the need arises. It will be a race against time! Everything will be purchased in a haste and the shopping malls will sure to be very packed! Argh!!! Oh god! I do so hate last minute shopping!

Hopefully, by tomorrow evening, all the following tasks have been completed and my sudden panic attack will subside.

1. A new pair of shoes for hubby

2. At least 1 more set of clothes for myself

3. Change the bed sheet

4. Tidied up the whole house

5. Prepare and pack the red packets

6. Buy sweets, chocolates and mandarin oranges

7. Prepare and display the sweets, chocolates and CNY goodies in the respective containers

Sighz, not sure if I have left out any uncompleted tasks unknowingly…

May this 2015 Lunar Chinese New Year will be a smooth running year for all!

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My favourite Christmas gift – Yr 2014

I know that this post has come quite late…hahaha but it is always best to be late than never right? =X

In Yr 2014, I have received a fair share of Christmas gifts. Most of these gifts are mainly facial products and hand cream products. This is a big contrast to the gifts that I have had received in Year 2013. My Yr 2013 gifts are mainly chocolates! Hahah

Out of these 2014 Christmas gifts, the one that leaves a deep impression on me is the one my colleague, Jamie, has given. She has actually given me a bottle of hand gel wrapped in a paper bag. On top of this, she has also handmade a gingerbread man, attached a wooden peg to it and used this to secure the gift. Jamie has a flair in doing handicrafts.

It is love at first sight when I have received this gift. Okay, it is more of love at first sight with the gingerbread man. It is so adorable! Its size is also just nice. I have jokingly requested for a female gingerbread man (Let’s call it gingerbread lady, shall we? =P). Guess what? Jamie has racked her brains and come out with a gingerbread lady for me within a  few days after my request.

Although I have not shown it (I belong to the category of “not capable to express sentiments freely”), I really feel touched. From the way she has created the gingerbread lady, she has put in efforts to create this gingerbread lady (a ballerina) although she is usually feeling exhausted when she reached home after work. Yes, I LOVE this gingerbread lady as well!

Chirstmas gift - Gingerbread

I have attached a picture of Jamie’s handicrafts. Cute right? Now my gingerbread man has the company of his girlfriend and are sitting on my office desk. Whenever, I feel stressed at work, I will stop work for a while and “play” with them to de-stress myself. Hehe =X

Happy Valentine’s Day 2015 and Lunar Chinese New Year 2015 to all! =)

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Heavy rain again

I always have this love and hate relationship with rain, especially heavy rain or thunderstorms on weekdays’ mornings. Why is this so? With the heavy downpour, Singapore’s weather temperature will drop quite drastically, especially during this end of year rainy season.

It will be so nice to be at home, enjoying the comforts that both the bed and blanket offer. For once, the temperature will not be hot and humid. However, since the downpour takes place on a weekday morning, I will need to force myself to wake up and prepare myself. My hubby will then send me to work. This is so disheartening!

This morning was one such good example. I forced myself to wake up and get ready to work. It was raining so heavily that even with the screen wipers, visibility was still very poor. Thus, my hubby drove slowly. Upon reaching my office building (at around 6.30 am), I had not gone up to my office immediately.

Instead, I sat at the entrance foyer, munching my carrot cake and playing with my ipad at the same time. It was so cold sitting down there. Some might question why I had not gone up to my office immediately since its raining so heavily, with strong cold winds blowing in and raindrops splattering in.

My reason was that the sky was still very, very dark. Once again, some will question what does this has to do with why I had not gone up to my office immediately. Well, I do not want to disturb “them”. Furthermore, the probability of having an encounter with them when I am alone on rainy days is very high.

When the sky has brightened up substantially and the rain getting smaller, I gather all my things and headed up to my office. When the lift opened at my level, the lift lobby still look gloomy with very little sunlight penetrating through the glass windows at the end and a lighted corridor (the security guard has gone up ahead to on the lights along the corridor for me earlier). I went in to the corridor, passing by all the locked classrooms.

As I was about to reach the door of my office, I heard some sounds coming from the locked classrooms. My God! I was alone at this level and as it was still quite early, no one has reported to work yet at the other levels in this building. The sounds sounded as if some one was arranging the tables and chairs in the classroom! Another sound sounded like the “boom boom” sound as if someone was rushing here and there!!!

This was so eerie! I almost lost control of myself and wanted to chant out loud in the corridor near to my office. I quickened my pace and quickly dashed in to my office.

Phew, in my own comfort zone area again!


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2nd paranormal encounter

Most often than not, if I have been to a temple and there is a god procession going on, the medium will often give me a weird look. Their look really make me feel uncomfortable… I have been trying to find out why I always feel so uncomfortable.. but till now, I have not managed to find the answer. Hence, I do not dare to go to temples alone… Hence, I am quite puzzled of my recent dreams of visiting the temples.

Okay, back to the topic…

It has been a while since I last updated this category… The last paranormal encounter that I have blogged about is about how I encountered a white spectrum at the Center “P” lift lobby.

I was being told before that my “yin qi” is quite strong and thus, attracting “them” easily to me… Today, I will be blogging on one of the encounters at the other center, center “C”. This is, coincidentally, the place where I have almost encountered at least a paranormal encounter once a day… If you have looked in another angle, it is as if this is a kind of “training center” for me. Hahah

Some background information.. Center “C” is a 3-storey building. Most of the administrative and customer services offices are located at the 2nd floor, left wing. Academics offices are located at the left wing of the 3rd storey. Classrooms are scattered around in Level 2 ( left and right wings) and Level 3 (left and right wings). the library was located at the centre of level 3.

Okay, back to the narration…

I was then working as one of the student service executive and was working on shifts. If I am in the morning shift, I will then need to go around and unlock all the locked classrooms in the morning. Should I be in the afternoon shift, I will need to go around and lock all the classrooms at night before I am able to go back home.

This encounter that I am going to relate took place during one of my afternoon shifts… I remember that all of us (my colleagues and me) were very busy. There were a total of 2 of us on afternoon duty that day. As there were not much classes on the 2nd level after we were free, I had managed to lock all the classrooms before I had gone up to Level  3. There was a room rental activity at the 3rd level, right wing. There is a side glass door at the right wing that needed to be locked before we could lock the main door located at the center of the level 3.

Once at Level 3, I proceeded on to check the classrooms and academics offices… I even switched off the lights in the toilets. The classrooms in the left wing are also locked. One academic colleague (lets call him “Collin”) was in one of the academic offices. He has informed me that he will ensure that all PCs and lights will be properly off before he went off (he was the last academics on this floor; the rest had already gone home…). I had gone to another academic office to ensure all PCs and lights were off when out of sudden, I had that “disturbing” feeling again!

In just a few seconds ( I do not really have the time to react), I had heard a loud door “splam”! I jumped in shock! The sound came from one of the toilets from the left wing…

Who? I thought to myself? Was it Collin, I wonder.. I quickly ran (yes, I ran!) to the academic office where Collin was at. I guess my intention was to check if Collin was in the office… just to confirm my suspicion… Yup, true enough, he was seating at his desk doing his work! He was surprise to see me looking so flustered. I told him of the sound that  I had heard and asked him if he had seen any one coming back to the office. Guess what?! He had not heard the loud door “splam” and he was still alone!!!   -_-|||

As a gentleman, Collin had volunteered and accompanied me to check both the toilets… Oh God!!! The lights in the female toilet was on! Apart from Collin and me, there was no other people in this left wing! It was so creepy! I had off the lights beforehand personally! I looked at Collin and he looked at me… We both knew something was not right! I once again off the lights in the toilet in the presence of Collin. He then went back to pack his things to go home… I guess he had no mood to stay back to finish up his work…

I, on the other hand, was not as lucky… I would need to close the right wing and main door as well. As I passed by the library, Collin had informed me that he going back home. In other words, apart from the participants from the room rental activity, I was practically alone in level 3… Once the room rental activity had ended, I quickly locked the classrooms in the right wing. As I was kneeling down and locking the side door of the right wing, I heard a lot of noise from the library behind me! It was as if there were a lot of people conversing with one and another and a lot of activities had been going on! I froze at the position for a few seconds!

I plucked up my courage and slowly raised my head to view the reflection on the side door (can see the view of the whole library via the reflection). The reflection showed that the library was closed and dark! The moment I raised my head, the sounds stopped! When I lowered my head to focus on the lock, the sounds “came back”!!!

“What the…” I thought! I practically ran out of the main door of level 3, quickly locked the main door and ran all the way down to level 2! My colleague, in our office at Level 2,  was shocked to see me ran all the way down! She was shocked to see that I looked so pale. Knowing a bit of my “background”, she immediately knew something was not right. The both of us quickly packed our bags and then locked the office and gone back home!

What a night!

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Renovation Process – Part 1


Apologies for not updating my current renovation process for so long. Well, floor screeding has finally been started and completed after all the unhappiness.

I can’t really say if I am pleased with the quality of the floor screeding job by the HDB contractor. Perhaps I am an amateur. Somehow, I just feel that the floor screeding job has been completed in haste. I have attached some pictures that I have managed to take.

Screeding done - passageway

This is the passageway…

Screeding done - master bedroom passage way

The master bedroom…

Screeding done - Living room

The living room…

See the differentiation of the colors in the living room picture..  It really looks awful. According to my ID, BH, he says that this job is acceptable as we will be laying the High End Resilient Flooring (HERF) on it and that the unevenness seen in the picture is actually caused by the different tonnes. Okay, I have taken his word for it and let this job screeding episode concluded at this stage.

Okay, now for a more cheerful update. The last that I have blogged on my renovation process is that BH has asked the tilers to start on some minor masonry work. here are some pictures of the end effect.

Minor Masonary work at Master toilet

The kerb done at the master toilet… =)

Minor Masonary work at Kitchen 1

The kerb for the whole stretch of bottom cabinets in the kitchen + a big fat kerb to cater for my fridge… =P

Minor Masonary work at Kitchen 3

The opposite side of the Kitchen..

Minor Masonary work at Service Yard

The kerb in service yard for my washing machine…

In all, the workmanship of these tilers are really good. Thumbs Up. They have won my hubby over with their exquisite workmanship. BH has also helped to apply for the city gas.

Last weekend, the city gas workers have come and installed the required piping. Thus, now, our gas piping is up and ready. We also have our air-con contractor to come to our house and install the various piping needed.

Air Con piping 2 Air Con piping 1

Hehe, at least, for now, I can see the renovation work “moving”… Although the speed is still not up to my expectation, I really appreciate BH’s assistance for coordinating among so many parties of workers.

Really hope to see more have been done by end of this week… =X

You can do it, BH!!  =D


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Halloween Horror Nights 4 !!! =p

What a week!

Thank god! Friday finally arrives!!! Hahah

I am actually looking forward to the Halloween Horror Nights 4 outing organised by the  Resort World Sentosa  tomorrow! This is actually my first time going there. I am  filled with both curiosity and anxiety sentiments.

If you look at the advertisement of this event on the Resort World Sentosa official webpage, there are a total of 4 “haunted” houses and 4 scare zones to visit.

The 4 houses…

1. The Lab. This is more towards scientific experiences. This is more on how the experiments mixing both the human and alien hybrids together. Since the whole place will be decorated with bottles, cylinder tubes and  flasks etc with some alien bodies around here and there, I guess this house should not be as frightening as imagined. =P

2. Mati Camp. Hmmm, the name of this house has already instilled a sense of fear in me… This house will be showing how the recruits have been poorly treated and tortured! The advertisement for this house has also revealed that there are elements of CANNIBALISM and MUTILATION found in this house! Not to mention those gruesome pictures that have been posted… I am starting to have cold feet and 2nd thoughts of going into this house tomorrow…. -_-|||

3. Jing’s Revenge. This house has been set in a school like environment, with a bully victim who had hang herself. This is still okay, I guess… at least to me… hahah. I would expect the organizers to rely heavily on the lightnings and music to make the environment very eerie and scary when one steps into the house.

4. Jacks’ 3 Dementia. Ferocious and evil looking clowns are the main theme for the advertisement on this house. This house should be decorated to be as a circus like environment. I am unable to obtain more information from the advertisement for this house. Hopefully… its not as frightening as it seems… =X And I sincerely hope that should there be any audience interaction activities in this house, I will not be picked! Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed!

The 4 Scare zones…

1. Scary Tales. Oh my… the characters, Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel from the fairy tales are now mostly twisted and become our nightmares! This sounds quite interesting. Hehe. Well, if it really turns out to be very scary, at the most, just run!!! Haha, all the scary zones are in open space and thus, one should be able to get to “safety” easily. =X

2. Canyon of the Cursed. This will be a wild west environment. Its more about curse and spirits who have been protecting this land from treasures hunters. Sounds okay to me… Hahah, at least the advertised pictures of the “Cursed” looks okay to me… At any rate, I am not a treasure hunter. So, I could safely conclude that I will be safe, right? Hahah =P

3. Demoncracy. Loss of words… Hahah maybe I can’t get over the name for this scare zone… To me, it will mean demons are now free (have the freedom) to roam about in this area.. Since demons are let out, I would expect the demons to be evil and vicious looking. Hmmm… maybe, maybe I would give this zone a miss if possible as well… Hahah =X

4. Bogeyman. Nothing to elaborate on…  the name of this zone explains all… According to those of my friends and friends of my friends who have already gone to this Halloween Horror Nights 4 event, this is also a very scary zone. Just scary? Why scary? They have not provided more details. Should I or should I not go in? Hmmm…

In total, these 4 haunted houses and 4 scary zones really make me feel excited! How I wish Saturday will arrive sooner! Hahah, I am going to let my hair down and enjoy this outing to the fullest tomorrow! =D


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